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Set a column from the geometry context of a spacetime object to the data context.


set_col(x, .from_geo, .to_data = .from_geo)

set_wts(x, .wt_col = "wt")

set_nbs(x, .nb_col = "nb")



a spacetime object


the name of the column in the geometry context


the name of the new variable to create in the data context


the name of the weights column in the geometry context


the name of neighbor column in the geometry context


A spacetime object with an active data context and a new column from the geometry context.


These functions will reorder the spacetime object to ensure that it is ordered correctly based on the location time columns in the geometry context defined by the loc_col and time_col attributes respectively.

set_wts() and set_nbs() create a new column in the data context with the same name as the column in the geometry context. If a different name is desired use set_col()


if (interactive()) {
df_fp <- system.file("extdata", "bos-ecometric.csv", package = "sfdep")
geo_fp <- system.file("extdata", "bos-ecometric.geojson", package = "sfdep")

# read in data
df <- read.csv(
  df_fp, colClasses = c("character", "character", "integer", "double", "Date")
geo <- sf::st_read(geo_fp)

# Create spacetime object called `bos`
bos <- spacetime(df, geo,
                .loc_col = ".region_id",
                .time_col = "time_period")
bos <- activate(bos, "geometry")
bos$nb <- st_contiguity(bos)
bos$wt <- st_weights(bos$nb)
bos$card <- st_cardinalties(bos$nb)

set_col(bos, "card")
set_col(bos, "card", "cardinalities")